At some point in the last few months, everything changed for us.
Slowly at first, but then it hit us like we didn't see it coming and now it is here.
As an artist I feel the need to document these times and how they affect me and my work.
Even more so I wanted to create a space where photographers from all over the globe, famous or unknown can share images which express their hopes and fears, their visions and nightmares, what they feel and what they'd like to feel and what they think we all should know.
This website was created in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 and will continue to be updated well into the aftermath of all this.
The copyright to the images will of course stay with the photographers.
Images must be submitted with date and location taken. If you feel like you want to share the story behind it or your thoughts, please feel free to add some text.
Please contact me about how to submit your photographs.
Now more than ever we can experience how we all are connected.
Holger Mischke, March 2020